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gwyneth paltrow recipesAfter some health issues and suggestions from her Doctor to eat healthy and eliminate certain foods from her diet, Gwyneth decided to “clean-up” her act and do just that. Paltrow says, “It changed the way I approached food, because I felt so good and the weight shifted off and that was the emphasis for writing the book”. I must admit, I was pretty excited when I heard Gwyneth was coming out with her second cookbook, “It’s All Good”.

It has yummy healthy recipes AND plenty of gluten-free ones too. One of my fav’s is her “many-mushroom soup” recipe, my family loves it as well! And if you wanna get fancy, try the lamb tagine with squash & chickpeas. It pretty much as something for everyone. 


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Stress making you sick? Clean up your diet with recipes from Gwyneth Paltrow’s new healthy cookbook.

You can get more info on Gwyneth and bio here.

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